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EA Laboratories is the first laboratory in India to start Invitro Allergy tests in 1998 through a single blood sample and have tested over 760,000 samples so far.

Allergy detection is done by Capture ELISA with biotinylated allergens for food, inhalants, contact and drugs.

We test for allergies in humans as well as allergies in pets.

We have various packages to suit everyone’s needs. Some of the profiles we do are listed below:

  • Food only (Vegetarian Food)
  • Non-vegetarian food only
  • Inhalants only
  • Drugs only
  • Vegetarian food along with non-vegetarian food
  • Vegetarian food along with drugs
  • Vegetarian food along with inhalants
  • Vegetarian food, inhalants and non-vegetarian food
  • Vegetarian food, inhalants and drugs
  • Vegetarian food, inhalants, drugs and non-vegetarian food
  • Immunotherapy (vaccine)

All the test samples are processed at the earliest to ensure proper patient compliance.

We also take pride in accurate reporting of the various allergies in order to give our patients relief from their symptoms as soon as possible.

For more information on the allergens tested across various panels, refer to the file below:


Latest technology for allergy testing (CRD)

In addition to our older methods, we are now introducing ALEX : Allergy Explorer for a more detailed allergy report.

This technology helps our patients assess as to exactly which allergen of a particular product they are allergic to, so that they can decide on an avoidance strategy.

To see how your CRD report would look like, access the file below:

CRD Report format

Food Intolerance test:

At EA Labs, we aim to give our patients a plethora of choices to know the exact cause of their symptoms.

Hence, we have introduced Food Intolerance testing using IgG to test for intolerance towards various food items if allergy has already been ruled out.

You can click the link below to see a sample report of the same:

Food intolerance report format

Automatic Elisa Plate Analyzer

Itching of the Skin

EA Laboratory

Allergy detection by Capture ELISA with biotinylated allergens for consistent reproducibility, specificity and sensitivity. Allergies are detected for food, inhalants (dust, danders, pollens), contact and drugs.

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