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EA Laboratories is a multi specialty testing laboratory, established in 1991 with commitment to quality service and patient care.

In 1992, EA Laboratories was the first in India to introduce the concept of inter laboratory reference testing within the state and outside of state.

We are the first laboratory in India to start In vitro Allergy tests in 1998. Complete allergy detection from serum sample. So far we have tested over 8,10,000 samples for allergy. We have also provided de-sensitization therapy & guidance to over 2,30,000 patients.

Mission and Vision
  • We are one of the leading ‘Invitro’ allergy testing laboratories in India.
  • EA Laboratories is equipped with state of art instruments , precise testing methods & well trained staff to ensure top quality services.
  • We also participate in EQAS conducted by Biorad, USA which is recognized worldwide.
  • EA Laboratories is determined to provide accurate and reproducible reports, day in and day out.
Mr. Ashwin C Patel
Msc. Biochemistry (USA), Director
Dr. Kaushal A Patel
MD Pathology, Managing Director
Dr. Niharika Jain
MBBS, Head Consultant
Mrs. Surekha A Patel
Management Head

A qualified team of technicians that ensure smooth operations.
Well trained phlebotomists for all types of sample collection from home and at the laboratory.
A competent team of staff for sample pick up from the labs locally.

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