For Doctors

Sample Rejection Criteria
  • Inappropriate or incomplete test requisition form.
  • No patient’s identification / test name on specimen container.
  • Mismatch of name of the patient on sample and request form.
  • No source / anatomic site of origin mentioned on test requisition when indicated
  • Inadequate quantity of sample
  • Grossly hemolyzed, lipemic or autolysed specimen.
  • Sample less than 10ml for urine examination.
  • Leaking or breakage of primary sample collection container.
  • Transportation temperature inappropriate for the request.
  • Samples for coagulation testing with inadequate or excess amount (under-filled /overfilled)
  • Prolonged transport beyond stability limits.

Note: For Urine examination suboptimal specimen will be processed for paediatric population or in patient when second sample is difficult to acquire. These samples will be processed as suboptimal sample with note to clinicians

Instructions for Transportation
  • Leak proof plastic bag for enclosing and transporting the primary specimen.
  • Transport/biohazard bag may have a pouch on the outside for the laboratory request slip
  • If possible, keep specimen tubes in a vertical position to promote complete clot formation and reduce the possibility of hemolysis.
  • Transport specimens as soon as possible to the laboratory. Serum can remain at room temperature for testing, be refrigerated, be stored in a dark place, or be frozen depending on the prescribed laboratory method.
  • Use cold packs in the container during hot weather.
Mandatory Details for TRF